pushing boundaries the art of empowerment

RVC (Cathy Mbabazi, Rozmerie Atim, Viccy Birungi Namuyomba)



Target groups
Children and youth

Project week at school

Our service
Fundraising, event management, artist management, PR and marketing, project management, evaluation

Further information

Approximately one-fifth of women worldwide suffer from physical or sexual violence.* Sexism, as well as racism, social injustice, and climate change, are global challenges of humankind.

Gender and ethnic discrimination affect and harm people worldwide at an early age. Therefore, taswira created the school project week “Pushing Boundaries – The Art of Empowerment” and targets young students. After attending the Ugandan dance theater play I AM FEMALE by the choreographers RVC, the adolescents have the unique opportunity to process their own experiences under the guidance of qualified instructors and the artists in dance workshops. This enables them to artistically access and deal with complex issues such as gender justice, racism, critical whiteness, and transcultural communication.

I AM FEMALE provides insights from a Ugandan perspective into everyday situations and reflects problems that are also present in German society: inequality in the educational and working environment, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. I AM FEMALE manifests the potential of dance and music for the personal development of young people.

* UN, SDG Report 2019, Ziel 5, survey period 2015 – 2017