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promotion of cultural creation as key to sustainable global development

Raising awareness and change always take place when people are touched and emotionally committed.

Art and culture create identification and enable a change of perspective.

Theater, music events, and dance workshops are places where people come together and interact with others.

In addition to entertainment, they get access to complex issues.

taswira connects cultures e. V. focuses on this cultural exchange.

what we do


and organizing cultural events in Germany and abroad


artists and creatives with partners and cultural venues


artists and creatives

we support cultural projects that …

  • engage with African livelihoods and convey new perspectives
  • stand up against sexism, racism, social and global inequality
  • engage with the preservation and development of intangible cultural heritage
  • foster empowerment

Scene from the dance theatre piece I AM FEMALE (Uganda) © RVC

Our vision is to make African artistic creations globally visible and accessible: We want to strengthen a modern image of Africa and promote sustainable global development.

our approach:
creating awareness through cultural exchange

By supporting African artists and people working in the cultural and creative industries, we contribute to a sustainable future:

Theater visit, music, movie …


Change of perspective

Change of mindset

Sustainable actions & commitment