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taswira summit

Your most inspiring virtual summit in 2024

Join 30+ creative entrepreneurs and artists: leaders, visionaries, and change agents from the African continent and the Diaspora as they reveal their personal keys and secrets to success, prosperity, togetherness, mental health and more!

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About taswira

taswira connects cultures e. V. is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany. As a network, we support artists and creative entrepreneurs from Africa and the diaspora, focusing in particular on ‘agents of change’ who use or want to use their artistry or influence to create positive social change in their communities. We connect them with training, funding and networking opportunities, mentoring, international partners and residency programmes.

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Our services

Agents of Change -
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Creative Change Agents address social, environmental and economic issues, promote cultural diversity and engage in projects with sustainable impact. They inspire the general public to broaden their perspective on African cultures and experiences and so they not only promote change in their communities but also contribute globally to a positive and authentic image of Africa.